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The studio “Draw storyboards” has already been for more than 8 years in the market of services for pre-visualization We are producing storyboards for films

To make a filmscript happen, you need an investor, who appreciates the conception. Professional storyboards make it possible to understand whether the idea is worth funding, already at the planning stage. On further stages, they help to explain the conception of a film director to a cameraman and other members of the film crew.

Storyboards in advertising

A lot of companies want to make a promotional video of high quality. But will it meet the expectations? When you have ready storyboards for future advertising, it’s easier to understand how potential buyers will react to it and whether it will be possible to sell a product or service.

Business video presentation.

Presenting your company or a new product or service to your management or customers requires careful and meticulous work, even at the stage of the development of your idea. Storyboards help to understand and appreciate the idea.

Our customers

Not only do we work in the film industry and advertising but we also offer new opportunities for business development, implementation of ideas, working with start-ups and launching new products or services. Our customers successfully work in Russia, Europe and the USA.

Maksim Polyakov

Managing director

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+7 (905) 727-22-38

Dina Sarina

Dina Sarina

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+7 (968) 409-88-31